Why have you not heard The Muffinz?

By Zinhle Nkosi|

An old soul that carries the ability to create extraordinary music seems to be the secret ingredient to The Muffinz. The five members of the new musical group describe themselves as the distinct ingredients that make up the eclectic musical muffin that a vast number of South Africans are growing addicted to.

According to their reverbnation page, their music is a concoction of afro jazz, pop, soul and funk that results in a genre they call Eclectic Soul trip. The Muffinz have been likened to neo-soul group The Soil because of their exclusive form of music. Think of The Muffinz as the outcome if Bongo Maffin and The Soul Brothers had a baby. Their social commentary touches your soul but it does not leave your senses out, this is the type of music you can tap your feet and snap your fingers to while in deep thought.

Their latest album Have You Heard is an 11 track compilation of African wisdom. The album begins with the song “Have you heard’’, a song that introduces you to the group and forces you to take note of them.  “Djoni Kopou”, is a song whose lyrics you do not have to understand because of its inspiring musical beauty. This song suggests the multi-cultured nature of the group with members from Zimbabwe, Senegal and South Africa. The song “Ghetto” brings the musical journey back to South Africa as it tells the story of our struggle-marred townships.

“Soldierz” is a song about political struggle and a yearning for a better life, a tale too many South Africans can relate to. “Sound Check”  sounds like an Oliver Mtukudzi inspired soulful jazz song. The last Song, “Umsebenzi Wendoda” (an ode to single mothers) takes one through the struggles of single mothers in both a contemporary and historical context. It is my personal favorite because of its genuine nature and because of the emotion it evokes so effortlessly in me.

This album has managed to achieve what the group set out to achieve in their Youth Village interview; tell a story of “our personal journey; our dreams and the things we’d like to see happening in our country and in the world. We always make it a point that you travel with us on our journey”. I foresee longevity for the group because they are not limited to just singing, all group members play an instrument ranging from drums to the guitar to the piano. Although the album was produced in conjunction with Jazzworx studios, which is home to artists such as Lira and HHP, the group members were all very hands on with the production.  If you have not heard good music in a while, take a listen to The Muffinz debut album titled Have You Heard, in stores and on iTunes now. 

Follow the Muffinz on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Muffinz_live

Like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheMuffinzLive



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