Where the wild San Cisco play

What do you get when four musical teenagers get together? You get San Cisco, the three-guy-one-girl ensemble that has made a dent in the indie music scene. The band have shared the Australian Indie spotlight since 2010 with local acts Tame Impala and Angus and Julia Stone since releasing their début album, but three years down the line they are an act in their own right.

This is their journey.



Golden Revolver is their début album, and listeners were impressed. Critic Luke O Neil described their sound as “something of a cross between Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys”, a fusion made in heaven for Indie kids. Aside from their unique sound, the music video for Golden Revolver (You shot me with your golden revolver / before I could take mine out of the holster) showcased the artistic talents of San Cisco, who like to have the greatest say when it comes to direction. The striking black and white Girls Do Cry is a perfect complement to the paradoxically tearjerky-dancey track (imagine a dance floor filled with sobbing youths?) . The result of their creativity is a stamp which is distinctly San Cisco’s.



Awkward, a song which, according to vocalist Jordi Davieson,  “came together in the space of like, two hours”, is the most memorable track of Awkward.Its irresistible hook and minimalistic music video won several awards and nominations,including Most Popular Single” and “Most Popular Music Video” awards at the 2012 Western Australian Music Industry (WAMI) Awards.


Wild Things is arguably the best track on their self-titled album. The video is beautifully made, based largely on the children’s story Where the Wild Things Are.


   Fred Astaire, produced in the vein of catchy Awkward, is a lyrical winner. Biondill sings about letting go of a materialistic girl, a gold digger if you will, who is drawn to a “Fred Astaire”:

      “I can take you out for breakfast/ But he can take you ‘round the world”

     And just like that, the relationship fizzles.

The more serious tracks like Metaphor  and Beach show how the band have shaped themselves over the past two years, as Davieson and Biondill sing about being lovelorn at times and about being youthful and carefree in other moments, all while retaining their jangly, synthie trademark.


So, what do you get when you throw these kids together? You get San Cisco, the indie pop band which is rapidly stealing its way into radio stations, 8tracks playlists and youthful hearts.


By Joanna Marx


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