Twenty One Pilots + Three Songs = hit.

Twenty One Pilots + Three Songs = hit.


Twenty One Pilot duo, Tyler and Josh. Photo by: Think Next Now.

Sara Steiniger|The Twenty One Pilots duo, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun started making music independently in which they created their first album called Three Songs. This album made them popular in their hometown and this was followed by an extended album released January 2013 by a label, called Vessel . This duo has effortlessly fused electro indie, intense bass and harsh rapping style. Their songs contain very strong though-provoking lyrics that they wrote themselves with electro sounds including bass and drums, forming a genre more commonly known as Indietronica or piano-driven schizoid pop which is a new sound on the music scene.

Once Twenty One Pilots had become a popular name in Ohio, where Tyler and Josh are both from, they were taken up by an  indie record label, Fueled By Ramen  , that includes other well-known artists such as Panic! At The Disco, Paramore and Gym Class Heroes and Cobra Starship. The album Vessel contains 12 songs that keeps you entertained with the vocals of Tyler and awesome drum accompaniment of Josh.

Car Radio Official Music Video

One of the most popular songs, “Car Radio” is a great mix of rap, piano progression and electro beats. Sounding similar to the song “Handlebars” by The Flobots with rough rapping style but differs in the drum and bass and electro indie mix as well as heavy metal screaming sessions. The meaning behind the song that we block out our thoughts with noise, so the song is expressing the need to sit in silence and think.

A few of the songs on the CD employ a very generic video game tune that is overdone and used by other artists very similar to them. Tyler’s voice is not exactly original, sounding similar to bands such as Fun but with the upbeat and full of emotions, makes the pair unique.


The stars of Twenty One Pilots, Tyler as vocals and Josh on drums. Photo by: commonrevolt

The group has great potential, they do an amazing job at mixing such different genres together and creating a sound that is not only interesting but the lyrics actually have meaning in them. This sound that they have created is still new and so they have the power to allow other bands to follow them and try and alter this form they have created. If  you are looking for a progressive sound, look no further Twenty One Pilots  is your answer.


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