The Whole New World of Mars

Rosanna McLean|The Whole New World of Mars


Bruno Mars took us all by surprise with his most recent album “Unorthodox Jukebox” which was released December 7th last year. Mars decided to switch it up and the young, vulnerable image of our heartthrob was swept away by his new style – the sexual conquistador.

This is Bruno Mars’ song “Gorilla” from his album “Unorthodox Jukebox”


Mars is no longer portrayed as the youthful, rebellious man he is in songs like “The Lazy Song” and “Marry You” from his 2010 album “Doo-Wops & Hooligans”. And he certainly isn’t the tortured Romeo we know so well from “Grenade”, “Talking to the Moon” and “It Will Rain“.

Admittedly, these albums are probably not appealing to the manly man. His romantic songs are emotional and often cliché with lyrics like “there’ll be no sunlight if I loose you, baby there’ll be no clear skies if I lose you, baby. Just like the clouds, my eyes will do the same if you walk away every day, it will rain”.

But Mars’ new album might be more attractive (or makes it easier for men to admit their appreciation). Aside from a few tunes about old lovers and sad mistakes (“When I Was Your Man”, “If I Knew”), we are confronted with a totally different side of Mars. No, not confronted…rammed into, run over, reversed on, and after somehow surviving we stand up and applaud him.

Mar’s new exposure makes you feel like you alone have discovered the deeply buried sexual being and let him loose on the world. “Gorilla” evokes the same animalistic desire in you that is so passionately described in the song. The very well-received song “Locked out of Heaven” has a old school vibe and not only is it appealing for its sensuality, but also for it’s catchy rhythm and the feel-good mood it puts you in.

Furthermore, the variety of genres presented in this album makes it easy to listen to the whole album at once without getting sick of hearing the same artist – which is less true of his previous compilations.

Perhaps he’s over-dramatic and confusing. And maybe I’m a bit scared of his multiple personalities – particularly the one in “Natalie” when he threatens a woman who robbed him saying, “Well, I’m digging a ditch for this gold-digging bitch…She better run”.

The fact is, Mars is a singer seeping with soul and talent who knows (or whose manager knows) how to play the game. He gives his listeners what they want and he certainly isn’t boring. Mar’s ability to adjust his niche and keep his work exciting is very rare nowadays. I’m sure all fans are curious to see what his next move will be.


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