Stars Dance hits new notes



By Tanah Rigney |Selena Gomez’s latest album Stars Dance has hit a different note than anything she has previously done, taking on a new grown up feel and showing us how sultry she has become.
After Selena took a year off to focus on her acting in which she stared in Spring Breakers and Getaway, she came back with focus towards her new album, which gave it a new identity.
With this album she is illustrating how mature she is and her progression from Disney princess to confident seductress. It consists of techno-pop club dance tracks that hold a sexy edge. Even for the slower songs on her album, you still feel like you can get up and dance. Each song has a different feel to it, which she has pulled from her travels all around the world.
She worked in conjunction with Rock Mafia and The Cataracs on most of the album, and had more time to live with the music on this album devoting all of her time to it and getting the sounds just right.
The first song on the album Birthday has more of a funk early Gwen Stefani feel and reminds me of Cher Lloyd’sWith your love, and is vastly different than anything Selena has done before. Most of the other songs share the same romantic, sensual theme, while still keeping the club dance music vibes.

Like a champion has an extreme Jamaican feel and makes you want to get up and groove to the reggae beats. Save the day has some Latin feel and is fast paced which inspires attempts at Step Up 3 type dancing. Write your name really brings me back to her Disney days and has the feel of a scene in a Disney romance movie.

This comes across as more of a romance album, with many of the songs talking about romance and passion, and having lyrical content which links to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.
I am someone who dips into different types of music, usually finding myself only liking one or two songs on an album, but I find myself listening to this one over and over again. This is the type of music you want to play when dancing in your room or walking to classes.

I loved the division in the album and the fact that it dipped into different musical areas such as classical, Latin, Reggae and Tribal. This is an album that you can get into and you will find your body rocking to the pumping beats.


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