Jamie N Commons not common.

Jamie N commons released his album “Rumble And Sway” around 15 March 2013. The highly appreciated artist was born in Bristol, England, United Kingdom. He is currently signed to Interscope Records which is an American record label founded by Jimmy Iovine and Giorgio Saravia in 1989.

Jamie N commons.

Jamie N commons.

Jamie contributed to the hit TV show “The Walking Dead” by making an addition to their sound track with the song “Lead me Home”.

Jamie can also be found on the recent video game FIFA 14 with the song “Marathon”. His name is slowly expanding all over the globe. His cover song “wish you were here” originally from Pink Floyd has been seen over a hundred thousand times.

Jamie has a simple look he grew fond of and how I imagine everyone remembers him by with the long hair and the stylish hat that seems to be in almost all of the shows and music videos keeping it simple and straightforward.

His husky voice can flow into a slow blues ballad or even an upbeat dancing song with high spirits, making Jamie a versatile artist. His new album Sway And Rumble doesn’t have a lot of content yet it should be more about quality over quantity. The preacher is one of the tracks featured in the Rumble And Sway album with more of a serious tone but another good rhythm.

His music in general stirs up a lot of emotion seeing as they are about experiences. The music connects to people best enjoyed with a relaxing environment unless you’re obviously listening to some of his upbeat songs like Wash me in the water which can also be found on the Rumble and Sway album.

His voice does give him the advantage or opportunity to create songs that are in the blues category but he still manages to be different. The cover art for the artists CD is very simple and basic to me that describes him perfectly. He doesn’t need “BLING” or boast about his achievements. The artist clearly enjoys his talent and shares it to whoever is appreciating. Hope to see more of him in the near future and cannot wait.

Plain and simple Jamie

Plain and simple Jamie



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