Miley goes Bangerz!

miley cyrus bangerz

By: Tayla Dreyer

Miley Cyrus is known for her Disney character teen pop sensation Hannah Montana, her quirky good girl comments and innocent fun. However, in the new album ‘Bangerz’ Miley makes the point of becoming known as the girl who is seductive and grown up as she leaves behind the blonde wig and southern accent charm to adopt an older and more provocative approach in her music.


The pop album comprises of 12 songs which are retro, fun and easy enough to sing along too. Listeners get the sense that every song has a story to tell whether its about partying the night away when one hears the song “We cant stop” or thinking about an ex girlfriend/boyfriend when singing out the “Wrecking Ball” lyrics.  The album can be compared to an exciting mystery which gets more interesting  as you press the button “next” on the track list. Number 3 reveals Miley’s new rapping side to her in the song “SMS” featuring one of her role models Britney Spears.

Her new fashion choices on the sets of her music videos for the album has caused much controversy and have many parents wondering if she is a good influence for their children. It is obvious that Miley has turned in her cow boy boots for tight fitting onesies and she’s proud of it, saying on the Ellen Degeneres show that clothes give her “anxiety” and taking normal pictures smiling makes her feel “uncomfortable” thats why she has adopted the new sticking tongues out pose.


It has been clear for a long time that Miley wanted to get rid of her image as a child star and adapt a more mature persona. While she had this vision in mind, she did not play it out well until the release of the Bangerz album. In her previous album “Cant be tamed” fans can see that she is leaning towards a pop, rock feel as in the video she wears her over the top black bird costume while trapped in a cage. Her attempt to be the next Rihanna/Gwen Stefani however looks comical and amateurish as it seems as though she was trying to follow the crowd and not identify herself. Seeing her find her own music interests and clothing choices in this album is refreshing and addictive to listeners.

It used to be clear that Miley’s songs could be compared to that of other former Disney stars such as Selena Gomez. Now, her music is so different from any other as it has her specific personality traits attached along to the songs. While all songs both fast pace and slow fit well together to be in the same album, the fact that the songs rhythm and beat do not all sound the same is a pleasant change and makes it diverse. An example of this could be listening to the song “My darling” as it becomes obvious that Miley also has a love for olden day songs which she can then revive and she does a fantastic job at that. The album is a hit in my opinion as she also features other amazing artists such as Big Sean, Montana and Nelly. Previous Miley Cyrus fans might be a bit shocked by the new changes but music lovers will be impressed by the vocals and bass.

While some may question her fashion sense and personality, there is no question about whether Miley Cyrus is talented or not. Definitely an album worth listening to for the late teens and adults.


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