Mi casa Mzanzi’s new music kings

Navian Kameel  | Mi Casa Mzanzi’s newest deep-house and soulful jazz duo is quickly taking the music industry by storm. The groups hit track These Streets are currently being played on Radio stations all over SA.

Mi casa,the self entitled house-band from Johannesburg is taking the music industry by storm with their self-titled debut album called Mi casa Music. The band consists of 3 members,Dr. Duda ( producer and pianist ) , J’something ( vocalist and guitarist ) ,and Mo-T the ( trumpeter ),which in my opinion is soon going to become a signature sound for the group. The duo was formed in 2011,but was only taken note of when their debut album Mi Casa Music was released.

Their hit single These Streets is just of the many tracks which showcases the unique urban jazz sound of the band.What is truly intriguing about Mi Casa is how each band member creatively brings in his own distinctive sound to create a soulful blend,with the element of live music and especially the trumpet. My highlight of the album is not only the great selection of different dance tracks but also the soulful vocals of J’something. The track La Vida showcases Mo-T adding his personal touch of jazz with his trumpet,while J’something adds some soulful vocals, engraved with Portuguese engaging lyrics that touch on issues  like love and religion. What personally stands out to me is how he covered Sade Adu’s hit Smooth Operator which is track 7 on the album. Dr. Duda adds some flavor with his production skills,with beats that create an interesting and listenable blend of deep jazzy,yet dance able beats.

This is evident with tracks like Heavenly sent La vida and These Streets. This album has been well-received,with their banging hits,which is blazing on almost every radio station. The entire album which consists on 13 tracks, however, does not quite get to the same level of as all the other stand-out tracks. Only a few tracks like These Streets,heavenly sent,La vida and Smooth Operator is actually worth listening to while the other 9 tracks is bogus.

If you are a lover of deep-house and a blend of soulful jazz than the debut album is definitely an album to add to your collection. I would give the album a rating of 6/10,it features excellent and energetic dance and soulful tracks,but they did fail to keep up momentum with the other tracks.

Mi Casa Music album cover:

mi casa



Mi casa’s most beloved dance track: These Streets




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