KOL’s Mechanical Bull… Ride on!

by Jodi van Vuuren

Mechanical Bull , the 2013 release of Kings of Leon, is the best album yet.

Kings of Leon have been gracing our airwaves since 2003 and they’ve created yet another masterpiece after an anxious three year wait. Mechanical Bull is officially out on Deluxe Edition and in the hands of many many fans as we speak.


The cover for their latest album release : Mechanical Bull

I have been listening to their music for roughly eight years now when my brother played me their song ‘Taper Jean Girl’ from their 2005 album, Aha Shake Heartbreak. I instantly fell in love with their deep bluesy rock sound and I have bought every album ever since. So I think it’s safe to say they are one of my all time favourite bands.

The band members are family, three are brothers and one is the cousin. The Followill boys are as follows; Caleb (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Jared (bass guitar and backing vocals), Nathan (drums and backing vocals) and their cousin Matthew (lead guitar and backing vocals).


The band menbers of the famous Kings of Leon

Their music is a mixture of everything that is great about rock. They have so many rock genres integrated into their music it is hard to pin point exactly what their sound is as it is always changing but consistent. Their music can be compared to other great bands such as The Strokes, The National, The Black Keys and Band of Horses for their amazing rock talent and smooth sound.

Even though the band went through some heavy turmoil while touring for their previous album, Come Around Sundown, The Rolling Stone’s article on their latest album shows Caleb Followill saying, “We were exhausted,” and “It was a good time for me to reflect”. They are now back with their sixth album and ready for more ‘Sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll’.

Mechanical Bull showcases their music in a stunning light. As a teaser the first song released was ‘Supersoaker’ off their latest album and had fans frothing for more. This song was something so long awaited and I definitely think Kings of Leon has once again delivered BIG with this new album, bringing us new songs that are almost familiar yet new at the same time. The rest of the album belts out other amazing tracks like ‘Wait for Me’, a slower more grunge rock vibe and ‘Beautiful War’, which The Rolling Stone describes as “an arena sized ballad” and that it is, a slower-tempo love song that shows off Caleb’s alluring ragged-edged unique voice and showcases his perfected talent in song writing as well as the bands guitar and percussion skill.

Listening to this entire album I couldn’t help but want more and play these songs over and over again in my car. This album is on the top of my favourite albums of this year and for good reason. Take a listen and I’m sure it will be on your list of favourites too.


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