Khuli Chana’s chilled jams and effortless flows

By: Palesa Diale |


Being named King of South African Hip hop music, Pretoria born rapper Khuli Chana lived up to the title as he walked away with the album of the year award at this year’s South African Music Awards (SAMAs) for his latest album Lost In Time. Khuli chana is the first rapper in the history of SAMAs to walk away with album of the year and amongst that, he scooped two more awards; Male artist of the year and rap album of the year.

Khuli Chana, whose real name is Khulani Morule kick started his career as a member of a Hip Hop group called Morafe. He went on to release his MotswakOriginator album in 2009 as a solo artist which turned out to be a big success and won him the  Best Newcomer award at the 2009 Channel O music video awards and song of the Year for the track Tswakstikem at the Hype Music Awards. He got a chance to open for Canadian Hip Hop star Drake’s Castle Lite feel the beat SA concert  in December 2011 which according to him, was the highlight of his career.


Khuli Chana and the likes HHP and Tuks Senganga  brought change to South African hip hop with the introduction of a rap genre called Motswako, a Setwana word for mixture. According to  Khuli Chana’s website this rap genre is a combination of street-talk in Setwana, English and other South African vernacular languages.

Lost in time consists of 13 tracks in which the rapper tells a story about his journey up to so far and is set to get the listener’s to know who he really is. The intro to the album is an amazing quote taken from the Boondocks Saints Movie and the first track HazzadazzMove and the third one Tswar Daar were immediate favourites in radio stations.

Hape le Hape is my favourite. It features popular SA rap artists such as AKA, Reason and his former Morafe group members Towdee and Kay Gzim. It tells a story about the Motswako rap genre and the video makes it even more interesting as it was shot at Maftown heights which is the biggest Hip Hop concert that takes place annually. Also in the video is a clip from his 2012 tour to Nairobi, Kenya and he tells how grateful he is about how his career has turned out.

This album is impressive, the beats and the rhymes are those one can only find in South Africa which makes it even more interesting. You can listen to the album sample here and get a taste of what I’m talking about.

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