John Mayer Paradise Valley

CD Cover

CD Cover

John Mayer Paradise Valley

Doctor’s orders: a dose of John Mayer will keep the blues away.

John Mayer hits back with newly released album Paradise Valley which reveals a side to him that we thought we will never see.

The organic twang of John Mayer’s Guitar in his new release is one mixed with nostalgic country sounds of summertime. The album taps out to the rhythmic Wild fire that certainly makes you want to get up and dance barefoot. While still holding onto the blues, Mayer manages to bring in the good feel of country showing a mature side to the singer.

I found this piece of pure genius when I happened to look for something that was laid back yet had a happy feel to it. Wildfire did set my heart on fire and I could not seem to stop listening to the rest of the album. As John clearly put it in an interview with Billboard“it’s like a mellow cooked breakfast summer album”and so far it has been making waves with other tracks such as Paper doll which has been speculated to have been dedicated to his ex lover Taylor Swift.

Compared to his last years album Born and Raised which revealed a more personal side to the artist, Paradise valley weans out the mature side to John Mayer since he moved to Montana , which he admitted in a recent interview with Billboard , that it has had an effect on him “culturally and spiritual”. He has written majority of the songs on his albums and draws his inspiration from the mellow sound of Jack Johnson .Which is audible in songs like Dear Marie.

This album has not only seen the maturity of Hollywood’s heartbreaker but also amazing collaborations with the current girlfriend Katy Perry and a short interlude with  Frank Ocean. There have also been speculations that the track that he did with Katy, which reveals a softer side of the singers’ voice, is also another slapstick song to Taylor swift.

His sound is simple which melts with his original voice. Each track is unique with the touch of country a as he sings out the blues that are a remedy to ones soul. There is no one who knows better at how to make love with his guitar and sing songs that make you want to dance think and cry all at once.


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