Freshly Ground’s fresh sounds


Lucky Dlamini | Consisting of members hailing from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Freshly Ground has been able to deliver a fresh new sound of music that relates not only to Africans but those abroad too.

Mostly, everyone can hum at least one of their songs. Freshly Ground is a band whose context of production combines more style than ever before and they embrace the differences that exist. The record label Sony BMG Music Entertainment in which Freshly Ground is under produces plays of an original mix of indigenous African sounds and contemporary urban styles such as afro-pop and dance music.

Freshly Ground band

Freshly Ground band

They have created the following albums since 2004: Radio Africa, Jika Jika, Ma’Cheri, Nomvula, and Take Me to the Dance. In 2010 Freshly Ground released collaboration with Colombian star Shakira, ‘Zangalewa’ based on a 1980’s pop hit from Cameroon.

Freshly Ground originates in Cape Town were all the magic melodies of this band began although with band members from South Africa’s neighbouring counties.

Best track:

Freshly ground released their debut album, Jika Jika, in early 2003. The commercial success of this album ultimately kick-started their career especially with the song Doo Be Doo which is one of my favourite song which created a bright reputation for them as a fresh and vibrant young face in South African music. Much exposure has followed after the release of this album resulting in the band to perform at both the Harare International Festival of the Arts and the Robben Island African Festival.


Their genre is best known as Afro-pop, Jazz and blues, blending elements of traditional South African music such as Kwela but does not end there, also Folk music, and Indie rock.

Zolani is the lead vocalist along with Josh Hawks who is her backing vocalist.

The Soil and other solo jazz artists such as Zonke and Lira are potential competitors. Freshly Ground’s music makes strong social and political statements on issues going on in Africa and other times merges into exciting dance tracks.

Listening to the track ‘I’d Like’ puts one in deep relaxed thoughts. The track is moving and they are just original and unique.

Their work and albums released are received well by all types of people and the music relates to everyone. This has been possible by covering many genres in their music which seems relevant in today’s world. It plays a strong emphasis on political and cultural expression. Starting from the diverse band members whom I know have brought with them uniqueness from where they hail from. This has allowed them to have a broad view and understanding of the different walks of life. It touches on personal experiences; it highlights issues like poverty, love and freedom/liberty. The lyrics are meaningful, interpretable and convey a sense of humanity.

Freshly Ground

See the band picture here:


I recommend their work, for all types of occasions in which you would try accommodate almost everybody. It would be worth listening to, watching or even hiring or buying their album. The stands out moments are the variety and sound of the instruments used in all their songs and their performances are always very involving and engaging. This album is different from all other works from earlier times in form and concept, in the quality of the up-to-date or modern equipment, instruments and studios they record in. Their tracks make me feel encouraged, thoughtful and inspired and touched, because of the emotion expressed through the songs.

Audiences have been very welcoming in their response both locally and internationally. Their sales are on average, not astonishing figures of sales. Advice would be that they promote themselves more; they might just fade if they do not keep giving their audience something fresh every time.

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