Falling in Fashion

Artist: Falling in Reverse

Album: Fashionably Late

Rating: No, Ronnie. Just, no.

Izelle Taljaard | As a fan of the ‘pre-Craig Mabbitt‘  Escape The Fate, I was rather excited for Ronnie Radke’s breakaway band, Falling In Reverse. And the first album, The Drug In Me Is You, did not disappoint. Ronnie Radke shared his personal account of being excluded from the band, his addiction starting at an early age, and the scandalous manslaughter charges against him which he deems he was framed for. Songs like Tragic Magic spoke powerfully of his overdose, but had a positive and rather cocky spin to it as he claimed ” I turned tragedy into melody over catchy beats, it comes so naturally, so smooth and casually. That’s why they call me king of the music scene.” Another song, The Westerner, speaks of his family relationships, his addiction from his teenage years and has a cheeky sub-message to his former band mates who carried on with his band. This album was extremely “vengeful and bitter and spiteful”, according to Ronnie Radke, but that gave it its success, as well as the extremely catchy songs.

However, with the release of their latest album, Fashionably Late, came disappointment. Not only is Radke still trying to establish his self-entitlement with songs like Born To Lead, but the entire album has an electro-pop quality to it, and even some out-of-the-blue rapping on Radke’s part. You could call it ‘impressive’ that he manages to utter 200 words in 40 seconds in the opening track Champion, but many would say that this level of experimentation is not what they signed up for. His vocals are drenched in auto-tune and the hip-hop element is simply not their style.  On a lighter note, the slow, motivational song, Keep Holding On, has a nice instrumental change with a piano playing in the backtrack and is not as cocky as most songs, but rather uplifting and identifiable. However, if you are a fan of their usual post-hardcore drums, riffs and growls, this song will only be the cherry on top of the fiasco that is ‘Fashionably Late’.

‘Fashionably Late’ 2013

The album cover is just a warning of Ronnie Radke’s self-involvement and a foreshadowing of the common theme: himself. If you are questionably head-over-heals in love with Radke, then you might enjoy the spotlight on his already overemphasized life story, but if the first album already had you grinding your teeth, then best stay far, far away from this one. Ronnie’s authenticity that we saw in the early days Escape The Fate have disappeared completely, only to be replaced with a much more commercial sound and repetitive track themes. Songs like ‘Good Girls Bad Guys’ from the first album is almost completely duplicated in the song ‘Bad Girls Club’, except that it has become a lot more pop.

Check out the album-titled song, if you are unsure whether or not this album is worth any investment (money and/or time). But be assured, it doesn’t get any better than this song.


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