Dinosaur Blood running through my veins

ph fat pic 2

“Sing myself an avalanche, promise to the dragon man, Blubber your trouble to where the bubbles put that manic man!” it’s these trippy lyrics that infest Ph fats album, Dinosaur blood. They seem to have recently created fans to get a sort of adolescent form of munchies that keeps them wanting more. These lyrics are mixed with a sort of physco-delic beat that seems to create just about anybody to start bobbing their heads along to the song.
The album starts off with the track dinosaur blood, which just happens to be the title of the album. This track is the perfect song to start of the album because it embodies the entire atmosphere and attitude of Ph Fat. Dinosaur Blood is actually the first song I had ever heard from Ph Fat and like many I found myself being left with a strange notion of curiosity (mainly because I couldn’t contemplate what had just happened). I found their lyrics extremely abnormal and actually had no idea how to relate to them, yet I still found myself singing along to them three days later, having memorised almost every word. If you don’t believe me listen to the track yourself to relate:

ph fat pic 3

Their lyrics are unpredictable and mixed with the even more unpredictable beat; they seem to be breaking the confines of rap music as we know it. When you are listening to the album as a whole, you tend to feel as if your mind is being intruded by this load, yet appealing beat and then the lyrics just seem to tear open the seams of reality and completely break the walls of conformity. This is what I like to describe as stage one, the next couple of stages will consists of you memorising their lyrics, downloading their album, following them on any form of social media and then going to see them perform live. Once you have made the conscious decision to see them perform live, you can proudly admit you are an addict because they are disturbingly incredible live, see for yourself.

However, not all of their songs on the album make you feel as if you need to start a sweaty marsh pit. They have a range of songs that truly reflect their rap talents. For example the track ‘Juice’ is one of their calmer tacks but it still reflects the bands skills as rappers.

The album on a whole will make you start to feel obsessive and eventually you will find yourself praying for more of this inappropriate, yet extremely talented band. If you don’t find yourself wanting to be part of this crowd then you seriously need to get your cranium checked.

ph fat pic 4


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