Darwin Deez? Yes please!

Songs for imaginative people album art
Image: Sourced

“Are you sick of not existing?” This is just one of the quirky lines in Darwin Deez’s latest album “Songs for imaginative people”. Part nonsense, part genius, this album will bring a mixture of feelings to every listeners heart and may even cause the ending of a friendship or three.

The good?

The songs in this album are, in a word, refreshing. The beauty in this is the fact that you have a chance to listen to lyrics which don’t involve making love to female dogs (to put it politely). Instead, you are able to listen to music with a personal touch which is relative to everyone’s lives. This seems to be a rare find in today’s music.

The melodies in the album are up-beat and happy-go-lucky, despite some of the lyrics being very dark at times. This seems to symbolise the happiness and sadness we all experience in the journey of life infused together. The melodies contain a mixture of old-school rock and new techno beats.

The lyrics are deep and meaningful and reflect Darwin’s own personal life. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Darwin explained why his lyrics are often so deep by saying he’s “really into existentialism – basically the idea that you can do whatever you want with your life. I think it’s just true.”

The bad?

Although I personally enjoyed the album, most of my colleagues and friends were less than impressed with it and at one stage, after playing a song, I was asked “Okay, so where’s the real album? That was obviously a joke?”

Popular music is popular because it is popular. For this reason, the indie genre is not as praised by some people as it is by others. I suggest you listen to a song before you end up buying the album and then keeping it stored nicely away in your trash can.

Darwin Deez tunes his guitar in a unique and secret way. Although this is refreshing, it does make his songs sound very similar. For this reason, listening to too many of the songs at once can drive a person insane. This isn’t ideal for someone who likes to listen to the album over and over on a long trip.

The verdict?

Any fan of surprises or who isn’t afraid to spontaneously break out in dance should definitely spare this album some of their time. On the other hand, anyone who prefers pop music with predictable and stable lyrics ought to stay far away.

By: Michael Dorfling

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