Curtis Fields phones music career

Opposites Attract single by Curtis Fields

Opposites Attract single by Curtis Fields


Curtis Fields wowed audiences at the 2013 BET Awards through ‘Music Matters’ a platform for emerging artists. The 25 year old musician played his whole performance with just his iPhone in hand as his musical instrument.

Fields managed to create his own hype and market music produced by himself through a music application created on iTunes. From then onwards, the rest is history as he managed to scoop a stamp of approval from music maven John Legend and share the stage with him on a performance.

Montgomery Alabama is home to this music sensation, which is no surprise as his work embodies a lot of southern soul influences, where his parents also managed to expose him to a wide range of music influences. Incorporating new age sounds from Maroon 5, Miguel and Wale, with a hint of sound from the likes of Donny Hathaway. Fields genre can be described as soulful and funky, but his must not be confused with putting him in a specific category as he offers an assorted choice of sound.

Through his impressive way of creating a name for himself, Fields will soon be making his debut into the world of musicians with his awaited LP. He has been signed to Epic Records, alongside Andre 3000, Ciara, Future and Sean Kingston. ‘Opposites Attract’, the song he performed at the BET Awards is his first debut single off of his EP Cherish the Day in 2012. The song has managed to get audiences hooked, leaving them longing for more.

Curtis Fields aspires to collaborating with icons such as Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder one day, for the reason of their boundless history in the music industry.
His diverse style of music already has fans from across the world talking, waiting for new sounds. Curtis Fields is one to look out for in the year 2014.


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