Catching The Cab’s Symphony Soldier



The Cab’s new album

Lauren Hill| The Cab continues to drive fast along the streets of music as its new album ‘Symphony Soldier’ was released on the 23 August 2011.  The 12 songs that make up the album give you the sense that you have been injected with a dose of euphoria as their pop-rock teen sound rushes through your ears.

The Cab is also referred to as ‘The band you need to know’ by Alternative Press Magazine which really sums up their popularity in the music business.  As a follow up to their 2008 Album ‘Whisper War‘ The Cab continues to serenade its listeners with profound and meaningful lyrics.  This album really lives through the lyrics as the band sings “The good die young but the great will always last” in their anthem, Living Louder.

The Cab brings a sound which is relatable and popular among teens as its lyrics are catchy and deal with the issues of growing up, love, lust, heartbreak and romantic confusion. The album appeals to  lovesick teenage girls and makes them feel as if they’ve been hit by a cab as the band’s lead vocalist Alex DeLeon gives the album the right mixture of sincerity and emotion. It’s not hard to see the aspirations of the young vocalist dreaming to become a pop icon as he is swarmed by former Justin Bieber fans, otherwise known as Bielbers.


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The Cab performing live

Apart from their teen pop sound The Cab also brings an underlying maturity in their new album with greater sex appeal.  Their more raunchier songs like “Animal” and “Bad” show their outrageous and boundary breaking side as a band. The music video for “Bad” is an example of the more controversial and mature aspects of the album, as it throws a sweet long distance romance into the world of sexting and infidelity.

Symphony Soldier’s mainstream pop rock influences are what makes the album so appealing to young teenagers, especially of the female variety.The band’s diversity in songs and sound brings a new feel to the modern pop/rock genre without losing cohesion in the album.

It’s not difficult to hear Boy’s Like Girls pop rock sound in “Bad” while Bruno Mars’s piano-driven sound is present in the band’s love ballad “Endlessly.”  Also reminiscent of early songs like “Stella” from  All Time Low, the band brings edgy tracks like “Temporary Bliss.”

The three year long awaited album will not disappoint you judging by its quality sound and fresh new lyrics. For those loyal fans this album is just the beginning for The Cab, and for those who have not yet let their ears and hearts experience this sound, you’re really missing out.


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