Kelly Rowland :talk a good game

Former destiny’s child member Kelly Rowland came with the best album ever, her developed vocals made it the finest album. She decided to drop her job as an X factor judge to “talk a good game” which is the title of the albKelly-Rowland-Talk-a-Good-Gameum.

This is her fourth album solo album; she collaborated with best producers such as The Runners, The Dream, Harmony Samuel as well as other producers to complete the work. She came up hot with 17 tracks on this album released on 14 June 2013.The powerful hit “dirty laundry”, which is track no 4 reveals more of the challenges she faced as a growing woman. It’s been a long journey for her since the breakup of destiny’s child. On this song she talks about being jealousy over her successful former colleague Beyoncé and being stranded to an abusive relationship .This is the most focused, consistent and honest album. This album is kind   of picking up where 2011 “Here I am album” left where rose coloured glasses track gave a clue what is she going through. She continues to talk openly through her new album. She is one of those true R&B artists who lead fans by singing with her current situation. By doing   that each and every album of her worth buying because you will find true Kelly.

On “talk a good game” song she worked T-Minus another great producer, who produced the beats of the song he also produces for new hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar, Nicky Minaj, Ciara and more great artists. On this track she is focuses on a potential relationship with lyrics like “I don’t think I can take another broken promise.” But on track no 9 “this is love” sounds like her love life changed to another position after ending her abusive relationship.On Wendy Williams show she admits that she found new love and at the same time she has new album. This album is influenced by her idols Whitney Houston Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. It is not the Best-selling album compared to “Here I am” that reached no1 Top R&B/hip-hop albums in the United States. But it is more valuable if you really want to know Kelly not as an artist only but also her life. Many artists usually fail to guide their fans through music, but Kelly brings it all, powerful music and her life.


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