30 STM, Echelon and Moving Forward

30 Seconds to Mars have deepened their mystery with their album, ‘Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams. The intriguing paradoxes between dark and light have twisted any logic surrounding the band, enticing one to dig a little deeper.

I fell for this band when I saw them live in 2009. Showing their strength and appreciation for life, 30 STM have created this album with a feeling of hope that they have felt ever since the onset of this creation, a result of a new record label and a battle won against EMI.  

‘This is War’ was created as an answer to EMI suing them for $2.7 million. With their energy focused towards the fight they managed to come out with a sequel to the saga. ‘Love, Lust Faith and Dreams’, released in May 2013, continues the story. They worked with the progressive artist, Damien Hirst and the album was co-produced by Jared Leto and Steve Lillywhite, who worked on ‘This is War’.

Mixed rock, electric and orchestral elements to produce a sound that is built for a stadium, which calls for maximum volume. Easily relatable to ‘This is War’, there is an obvious connection in both the story and sound.

Sharing History

Drawing on the simple power of these concepts, the Echelon, 30 STM’s fan-base, are able to draw their own meanings from this album and share it with each other in a caring community.

From ‘Birth’, one is surprised by the heavy orchestral introduction, opening up questions that are later answered in the album. This focused the anticipation to race through every song to

experience and re-experience this album. Working through the layers and connecting to a sound that sends one soaring into space.

Moving through faster beats with the heavy, clean sounds and Leto’s growl, the album sends one charging out of any negative space. One can see why ‘Up in the Air’ was chosen as the single, with a similar feeling to ‘Hurricane’ from their previous album.

‘End of All Days’ had a darker, yet emotionally freeing feeling. One can almost touch the emptiness in space to connect to powerful characters. ‘Do or Die’ drew from an emotional setting that makes one want to run with opportunities that one could possibly stumble upon. Not every song grabbed me immediately but after three rep eats I am officially hooked to this latest endeavour and cannot wait to press play. 


Bianca Levin, 20 October 2013

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