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Lana Del Rey: An escape from reality

Looking for music that will calm your soul? try Paradise by Lana Del Rey. Paradise is an Extended Play (EP) by Lana Del Rey after her second studio album Born to die-Paradise Edition. Paradise was released in November 2012. Watch and listen to the album,\ here This ten track album was produced by Rick Rubin who has worked with artists such as Adele and Sheryl Crow. One could say her music is a fusion of indie pop, alternative and baroque pop.

Lana Del Rey’s music is one that is rich in lyrics and one that makes you escape reality. She has a deep, rich voice which complements her deep personal lyrics. Her music is euphonious yet temperamental.  She co-wrote the album with Justin Parker who has worked with Ellie Goulding. Most of her lyrics are poetic. Through her music you can feel the pain, or when she is smiling in a song because her music is authentic as she draws on personal experiences in her songs.

The top hits of the album are “Ride” and “Blue Velvet”, Ride has a 10minute long video which has a very emotional introduction. It makes you feel like you a watching a short film. The song’s lyrics are also very touching and you can feel the sadness in her voice, with lyrics like “I’m tired of feeling…Don’t leave me now, don’t say goodbye, don’t turn around”. After listening to a couple of the songs on the album and her previous albums I fell in love with her seductive, mesmerising and rich voice. Her music is somewhere along the lines of Adele and Ellie Goulding, only that hers is more temperamental. Listen to the album here



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I enjoyed most of the songs on the album except “gods and monsters” and “cola”, I found the lyrics somewhat bizarre compared to her other songs. These two tracks have lyrics that are very strange. In “gods and monsters” she sings “I’m an angel, looking to get f*cked hard”. I found these lyrics to be disconcerting because they were not so calming like other songs’ lyrics.

Her music is also very cinematic; she even penned the original song for The Great Gatsby, the track titled “Young and Beautiful” from her second album.  Visit Lana’s website at and watch some of her really rich, cinematic videos.

Buy it if you love relaxing, movie music, cinematic sounds and rich personal lyrics. you will have a tremendous time listening to her. If you loved “Video games”, “Young and Beautiful” and “summertime sadness” you should definitely get it.

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