The Plastics surprise South Africa

By Tyler Wilshire Duncan


The Plastics have unquestionably taken South Africa by surprise. Thousands and thousands of fans, both males and females are raging about the falsetto sound being produced by these four talented young men. This band is an Indie Retro Rock Band, and their latest sophomore album released in 2012, Pyramid, is being constantly received stupendously their supporters.

Pyramid, has been a massive hit in South Africa this past year, and continues to play on the radio and has not yet died down. These four young men, Karl Rohloff, Sasha Righini, Emile van Dango and Pascal Righini, are laid back and keep to their appearance of “Indie Retro”.  Shai Hirschson, is responsible for producing Pyramid, in Dreamspace Recording Studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. This album has been so well received by so many, that for a band still new and starting out, they are on their way to a bright, sunny and very successful future. Pyramid consists of 10 tracks, which were recorded in two parts. Some tracks were recorded in 2011 and the rest in 2012. Two tracks in specific, “Stereo Kids” and “Best Pretenders” were accepted with open arms by The Plastics people and soaked in. These two songs have thrived in our country and are still being listened to day in and day out. “Stereo Kids” reached number 1 on the MK Top 10 Music Video Chart, and “Best Pretenders” peaked at number 8 on the 5FM Top 40. That is two top ten in a row, but hey? Who’s counting? Either way both these tracks will get you singing and clapping along without a doubt.

“Rat” is my personal favourite on the album; it is the heaviest and most different song compared to the rest and stands out undeniably. This track has a new Aussie rock influence, which the public will enjoy, especially live.

This album provides its people with a psychedelic yet smooth sound to sit back and jam to. This album is designed to make its fan bounce and move on the dance floor. Their genre, is different to what we are used to listening to and consuming which is what we need in the SA music world, a hit to the system. Their lyrics are real, light and fresh.

The Plastics are making their way to reaching a vast and impressive fan base. The Plastics latest album, Pyramid is a must have for all the Plastics Indie Rock fans- absolute talent.


2 thoughts on “The Plastics surprise South Africa

  1. Love this article! A brilliant summary of what the Plastics are and what they have done. I am definitely a fan of theirs:)

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