Rihanna opens up in ‘Unapologetic’

By Nontobeko Gumede

The beautiful Barbadian recording artist, Rihanna, has taken the world by storm with her talent. Her very first album, Music of the Sun, gave us an introduction of who she was and was more of an R&B and reggae genre… But as soon as Good Girl Gone Bad, Rated R and Loud came out, she gave us more flavor and edge to her music. This rebellious soul definitely broke out her shell over the years and has incorporated more genres into her music such as electro, hip hop and dubstep, which have made her a success today.

Pic: vibevixen.com

Unapologetic, released in 2012 by Def Jam recordings, is her seventh studio album which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 238,000 copies becoming Rihanna’s first number one album on the chart and best-selling debut week of her career.

She has always been known as the type of person who takes risks and when it came to her music, creativity and originality have always been a fundamental priority. This album gives us more emotion and her fan base will agree with me when I say ‘we feel more connected to her than ever before’. Fresh of the Runway, which is the first track on the album, is one of those uplifting and catchy songs that make you want to go club hopping. Then there are those that show of her vulnerable side such as Love without Tragedy and No love allowed.

Whether it’s on social media or lyrics in her music, Rihanna is routinely known for her straightforward IDGAF attitude. The album title, Unapologetic, speaks for itself. It is based on truth and honesty, she wanted depth and to show growth.

Each song has its own significance and but gentle ballads such as Half of Me and Get it over with has soft and calm instruments which allows you to hear her voice clearly and what she the message she is trying to give out.

Rihanna is known for having one or two songs that which are more deep and soulful but this time she gave us more with a little a bit of an attitude. Some may be critical and describe the album as an emotional rollercoaster but her loyal fans may feel that she gave more heart and honesty into her craft.

Overall, the album is indeed a work of art and Rihanna has proven herself to be a versatile artist. As a fan of her music I suggest that you go out there, get a copy of the album and Pour it up!


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