Natalia Kills is indeed TROUBLE


 Natalia Kills is indeed TROUBLE

Usually when people see the colour pink they think feminism, fragility and gay but that isn’t the case with Trouble by Natalia Kills. Natalia was quoted in Glamour explaining the title of the album, “Trouble has followed [her] from the day [she] was born”. Trouble is all about her relationships, childhood and adolescence life.


 If one doesn’t read the name properly they would think its Barbie because of the way it’s so creatively written. Handcuffs, champagne bottle, police cars, money, flowers, lipstick and watch are some of the things that are on the cover including electropop singer herself.


 The first track Television will get you up and dancing and agreeing to everything she is saying. This is where she says that the people and things that we see on television affect our behaviour in reality. People try and mimic what they see.


“Cause men will fight/ and girls will lie/ just like on the television/so don’t tell us/that this ain’t right/It’s just like on the television”. Isn’t that true? If you’re not sure next time you go out with your friends sit back and watch how everyone around you behaves including your friends. The singer and songwriter is also saying that when everyone else wasn’t watching this is what she was doing and because she was on television she wasn’t expecting to be treated the same way as everyone else. Its comments that brats would make when they are in trouble or cause chaos.


She goes from singing about not caring and wanting to be like people on television to a more emotional tune Devils Don’t Fly. It’s a song full of emotions and in a way she is apologizing for hurting the person. The line that I think is really touching is in the chorus and it says “Devils don’t fly but I try”, clearly she is comparing herself to a devil because she hurt someone she loves and because she feels like she has gotten everything wrong.


Trouble isn’t one of those albums that put fake things out there, Kills is putting her life struggles, her mistakes and family problems out there for her fans to know about. She is trying to show people that she is also human and make mistakes that she regrets.


Truly speaking I would buy the album because of the album cover and name. Some songs like Saturday Night and Rabbit Hole really didn’t do it for me at all they were a bit too much and too loud.

 By: Mathapelo Dintlhe


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