Kings of Leon: Mechanical Bull

By Kimara Singh


Kings of Leon are back with their all new 6th album Mechanical Bull that sends slight shivers down ones spine with mature vocals and some hectic song combinations which fans have eagerly awaited since 2011.

After a break from the industry, the boys come back refreshed and ready to tackle their new album, working yet again with producer Angelo Petraglia. The Followill’s are certainly building on their previous works like “Use Somebody” and “Sex on Fire” that made them the group that they are known for today.

Hit Single “Use Somebody” Here:

The album seeks to confront past issues that the group collectively struggled with through songs like “Temple” and “On the Chin”. The Kings also use the album to show that they are actually back and here to stay with overtly titled songs “Comeback Story” and “Coming Back Again”.

The band flirts with various song styles throughout the album which looks to give something to all their fans, be it past or present. It has a little of everything from smooth blues to hard rocking sing along anthems.  Lead singer Caleb also gives fans a glimpse of his improved vocal range through the many songs in the album, showing his mature growth as a singer.

Caleb also expresses his interest in “shaking it like a woman” on the single “Rock City”. The stand out single in the album has to be “Beautiful War” with melodic vocals and the strong chorus lyrics “Love don’t mean nothing/ Unless it’s something worth fighting for”.

A teaser of what you can expect in the Mechanical Bull album (Beautiful War Live)

It’s as if the band has not been away for the last three years, as they pick up from where they left off and come out with an altogether smashing album with potential sell out singles. The album will not please many but fans that have been loyal to the band will rock out to each and every single knowing that the return of KOL has finally arrived.

Mechanical Bull is an album with clear focus and a classic rock feel throughout with The Kings showing that they have grown up significantly since their first release in 2003. 

Fans have waited far too long for this album and Kings of Leon have definitely not disappointed, with Mechanical Bull continuously being put on repeat, for that indie/rock feel that every KOL fan has been dearly missing.

The album has a reminiscing, smooth feel so sit back grab a cold one, turn the music up and dance the night away.

Full HD Album Here: 


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