Finally hit the studio

By Makungu Baloyi|


The Walls Group
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Finally their album is OUT.  After following The walls group through their home videos that they often post on YouTube, The Walls Group has finally hit the studios and recorded their first, fresh and vibrant album.

The contemporary gospel group has finally taken their music out of the walls of the Walls family. The four of the eight children Darrel, Rhea, Paco, and Ahjah have released their first album. These siblings have been groomed by parents who are musicians themselves to sing at a very young. from singing in church and school choirs these siblings have been signed by Kirk Franklin who is a Grammy award winning recording artist and producer under his record label- Fo Yo Soul.


The Walls Group and producer Kirk Franklin
Soured: Google images

The album has 11 fresh, fun, hip and contemporary songs that will sure bring church to the comfort of your own space. It is evident that The Walls group through out the years they’ve looked up to the likes of Kim Burrel, Kiki Sheard, The Soul Seekers, Mary Mary and Dorinda Clark-Cole. Some of these artists sounds are echoed in the Album. For example “Make me over” this track has a Mary Mary and Kiki’s feel to it.

The album has managed to redefine  gospel music. Today gospel music is seen as boring, dull and uninteresting but this album has broken through the walls of these stereotypes and has packaged the gospel in a way that is fresh, modern, attractive and relevant to the youth and church of today. In as much as the style might be different from traditional gospel it still holds the same message of hope such as the lyrics of one of the tracks that says: “You bring Joy in my sadness, peace in the time of storm. You go with me in battle and your hand protects me from all harm”

One of my favourite songs in the album is “Hold On“. In this song they have featured their mom. It is an old time hymn but they’ve added some spice to make it sound so sweet, beautiful and still relevant to this generation. I am not a huge fan of old classical gospel hymns but The walls group have managed to win me over in this album.

Here is a sneak peak of their new single titled “Perfect People”. which has been written and produced by Kirk Franklin. I give it an eight out of 10. The album is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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