The Fratellis: Comeback Kings from Hell

By Leila Stein

They’re back! The Fratellis have returned in full force with their third studio album, We Need Medicine. The album, released on the 7th October 2013, is their punchy comeback after a four year hiatus. Stuffed with high energy songs that can pep up just about anyone, this new album is the medicine the music world needs.

Pic: Google Images

We need medicine album artwork. Pic: Google images.

The Fratellis, a Scottish indie rock band, are most well-known for their debut album’s hit track, Chelsea Dagger. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Jon Fratelli (John Lawler), bass guitarist Barry Fratelli (Barry Wallace) and drummer Mince Fratelli (Gordon McRoy). Their two previous albums Costello Music (2006) and Here We Stand (2008) were both  successes with singles reaching number 5 on the UK Top 40.

This return album is their step back into the music industry after an indefinite hiatus brought about by a desire by the members to go their own way for a while. Then in 2012 the band informally reformed to play some gigs which got them excited and eager to get back to making music together.

“It was only when that happened that the thought was; well, to have some sort of life we have to have another record.” comments Jon Fratelli in an interview for the bands bio page.

It has to be said that this album falls short of being as addictive as Costello Music but this is not to say that it does not have its moments. The Fratellis signature bouncy, vibey style is still present in tracks like Seven nights, Seven days.  Although filled with rather dark lyrics such as “I see all of my dreams ragged and torn”,  Seven nights, Seven days still makes you want to get up and dance around your room like you are a character  out of an 80’s movie montage, which is exactly what listeners expect of the fun, carefree Fratellis.

A criticism that can be made is the albums obsession with repetition. Although it is the forte of the band to repeat lyrics it does get tedious in songs such has Jeannie Nitro and This is not the end of the world.  Rather than creeping into your sub-conscience and getting stuck in your head, this loud onslaught feels like its trying to break it’s way through your skull.

One thing is clear, The Fratellis have not lost their fan base, with sold out shows in North America and a busy tour schedule through Europe and the UK, it is clear that fans are glad to have them back.

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