Love, Pleasure are you ready


You thinking love pleasure and all things romantic Trey Songs comes to mind. I have been following Tremaine Neverson (his birth name), since his first album I gotta make it seems he has followed the theme of that album because he has truly made it into many ladies hearts.

Unlike the previous albums on Ready Songs has reinvented himself throw his baggy jeans and opted for a more sex appeal look that has the ladies falling inlove with him even more. Not only is he just a R&B artist but he’s a song writer on this album he’s worked with great producers like Patrick Hayes and Troy Taylor who have worked with artists like Boys II Men.

As Troy Taylor as a mentor and production teams like Stargate that has worked with Beyoncé and Eric Hudson a Grammy winning music producer attached to an album was a good move for Songs, because as a listener you expect nothing less than great. Listening to this album it has shown how Songs have grown not only as an artist but as a song writer. This album provides all kinds of sounds depending on what mood you maybe. He’s the Trey we know but edgy and even has done collaborations with artists like Drake and other major Hip hop stars that seem to have given his album the boost it needed because listening to him the whole record would have been boring.

Track two Neighbours know my name and track 12 Successful are personally my favourites for two different reasons.  Track two gives the romantic but sexy Trey that I’m used to and track 12 shows the listener a playful relaxed Trey having fun and the much needed blend that Drakes voice bought to the song blows your mind away.

If you looking for an album that you would play a dinner for two occasions, or you love the whole idea of romance and sexy coming together this may be the album you may want to buy. Won’t be a bad idea buying it for your girlfriend she will love you even more.

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