Teen “Lorde” takes power over old school

16-year-old “Lorde”, an electro-pop songstress draws her music to the comparisons of Grimes, Lana Del Rey and Sky Ferreira. Her electro-pop old school sense of style, brings the wow to all her albums. “Royals” is the one track that pop to who Lorde is.

Ella Yelich-O’Connor, a young teenager, who has expressed herself, and what she thinks of American teenagers through her music. This young New Zealander was born in 1996 17 November in Auckland, New Zealand. She was first noticed at the age of 12 singing at a talent show near her hometown Auckland and there off subsequently signed to Universal. She reached her spotlight of fame early this year, with her first big EP, “The Love Club”, which produced the single “Royals”. This single achieved over 750 000 hits on YouTube, as its music video describes it, being about how many teenagers are far from the glamorous image of teenage hood mended by the media. Ella is an internet sensation at the age of 16 years, with her producer Joe Little.  This youngster’s magical rise to fame in 2013 and her growing fan base has led her to her next album this year, “Pure Heroine”.

Lorde is one of those eccentric, unique, and brilliantly rebellious young artists that come around every few years to blow us away with their raw talent and incredible musical passion. At just 16 years old, Lorde has great success from her single “Royals”, which is a great surprise to most of the artists and listeners as it is the a very rare thing to occur. “Royals” is an irresistibly moody and very relevant anti-fame anthem that’s literally unlike anything ever featured on mainstream radio and she has brought it the top most favoured on mainstream radio, online and live, as the lyrics lead to an understanding of how her friends and her will never e like the vain Hollywood types.

Lorde makes it clear that she wants to bring music to back to the more personal and real vibe and not artificial and made up just for the fun of having music. What she has made obvious that wants to be heard is exactly what she has brought to the table, with her great hits on her new album like “Ribs” and “Tennis Court”, my favourite track being, “Team,” a melodically beautiful pop song with a minimalist beat, glowing synchs, and wise-beyond-her-age lyrics. This is really the kind of fresh, obvious talent that truly can’t be left unattended, and it brings me great joy that it hasn’t. Lorde is that one of a kind ruby stone among sand grains that needs to be picked out carefully and put on display for everyone to notice adore whenever they see it. Her latest album is guaranteed to be one of the best hits of the year.

Fun Fact: Selena Gomez covered “Royals”, in her Stars Dance Tour, which came to people as an irony, because Lorde had recently criticized Gomez for her portrayal of women in her song, “Come and Get It”.


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