World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation

By Calvin Turnbull

Go tell Fire to the Mountain is the debut album of a band that calls themselves Wu Lyf. The band name stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation, the band started in 2008 in Manchester England and released their album in 2011. The band has successfully shrouded themselves in mystery and have attained an almost cult-like following. Their album features some fantastic songs, none of which have become commercial yet, according to the band member they play a genre of music known as heavy pop. Arguably the most well known song in the album is called ‘Dirt’ and is a song that could be classified as very anti establishment, some of the more noticeable lyrics go ‘And no matter what they said, Dollar is not your friend’ and ‘Mum and Dad, Look what you done to me, I was your baby boy, Now watch me bleed.’

The lead singer of the band has an incredibly distinctive voice that has the ability to capture the listeners attention, it is very deep and husky giving the band a very different sound to most of the other sounds being heard on the radio today. A big negative regarding the album is that due to the voice of the lead singer it is often difficult to make out the lyrics, this is a recurring issue throughout all of the songs on the album. The pronunciation of the words is also a huge issue as it makes the lyrics even harder to understand, it sometimes appears as if the lead singer is intentionally making the lyrics more difficult to understand, one must ask whether this is the aim of the band in order to reinforce that feeling of mystery that surrounds them. The band refers to themselves as ‘The new cult for the unconditioned youth.’

Despite the cult-like status that Wu Lyf have achieved they often include lyrics that address very pertinent issues with society today, the sixth song on their album, called ‘Spitting blood’ speaks out against how the world has changed with regard to the upbringing of the children. The lyrics read ‘Across concrete fields of broken glass, with five year olds having heart attacks, You fed em to well on TV’.

The band is very clearly not going to be everybody’s first choice of music, especially considering their ideals and cult-like status, therefore giving the band a very small target market. I believe that if the audience solely listened to the music that the band produces and didn’t pay attention to some of the less savory aspects of the band, they would have a much greater following. It is the perfect background music for relaxed situations. The bands biggest following would come form the youth who believe in changing the word and making the world a better place, the album reinforces these beliefs throughout each and every song.




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