Trey the R&B Prince

By Natasha Chikwanha


Trey Songz has been faithful to his R&B roots, unlike most  stars like Neyo, Usher and Chris Brown who have taken the electronic  dance music wave and abandoned the genre that made them famous.

‘CHAPTER V does not just represent the album’s name or the artist’s  evolution but rather a chapter in a man’s life, more than just  entertainment. The album covers most bases from club bangers, anthemic  choruses, melancholy playboy mopes and even take you to the bedroom not  forgetting slow jams.

The opening track “Chapter V” introduces the album and the artist but just a few minutes into the song takes one straight into the bedroom preparing the listener for its sexual content which is something so typical of Trey. “Dive in” then proves the sexual side of the story which Trey has been writing. Quickly following that is “Panty wetter which turns all the love making in Dive in into some game of male dominance, clearly some notes for the guys to take down.

“Heart attack” is such a heart touching song for those in love. The songs comes along with a very beautiful lesson love is not enough to keep a  happy home but that is the one thing that keep most people together and that only makes it worth staying for. The song proves relationships are not always  how they appear in movies, happy ever after does not exist in real life.

“Playing hard” may leave one thinking a lot about who the people Trey has been hanging around lately. In this single he takes more of a Drake  turn (having too much ego). This song is just a big NO, the big guy lost  it here hearing him rap is far less appealing than listening to him  sing. This is the part of the album one feels tempted to just skip to  the next song no matter how much of a huge fan they are.

The hit track “2 reasons” featuring TI is one song that just make one want to get on their feet in a club. The songs follows after “Say Aah”.  However in a sober mind this song is disappointing because from appreciating  ladies the twist just turns to calling them “bitches”. None the less the  song is still good and the combination of the artists is not bad at  all.

“Pretty girls lie” and “Bad decisions” are two songs one would suggest everyone listen to. Pretty girls lie, brings a rather good eye opener to  every man, being pretty does not mean that the girl also have a heart  like their outward appearance and that does not mean that she is ready  for true love either. Bad decisions have a nice beat that can make one  even listen to the song whilst driving because of the base made by the  drums and this is a good job because the song is mostly dedicated to  men. Trey takes responsibility of his wrongdoings in his relationship  but its too late, which is something which happens in most relationships  by the time one realize its too late.

Chapter V has a lot of lessons contained within it and that makes it more than just a album but a chapter in one’s life.

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