Trevor Hall: Everthing, Everytime, Everywhere

By Simon Drury


In his new album, Trevor Hall showcases his ability to sing about life and love, drawing on the influence of his musical heroes Bob Marley and Ben Harper, Hall is able to create pop/rock/reggae beats that masses should find appealing.

Everything, Everytime, Everywhere is the follow up to his previous album which was released back in 2009. The 11-track album was produced by Jimmy Messer and boasts such musicians as Aaron Dugan, who has longtime played for Matisyahu (guitar), Brian Laing (bass), and Aaron Sterling (drums).

“With the last album, I was exploring more,” Hall said. “I was going through a struggle with myself, and all that grittiness came out. With this one, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had much greater conviction.”

Hall’s lead single, “Brand new day”, speaks of forgetting the past and living in the present, embracing the new day. The lead song is a perfect way to start of the album and pave the way for the rest of the songs to leave their message on the listeners.

The 11 track album boasts many stand out tracks, including “Te Amo”, “Fire”, “Dr Seuss” and my personal favorite “Mountain”. Hall’s versatility and range are showcased in these songs from the slow, deep and somewhat gruff style of “Mountain” to the fast, get you on your feet style of “Fire” or “Brand New Day”.

“Fire” is one of those songs that makes listener want to jump around and dance to the exceptional beats and awesome lyrics. The song takes on a rock and reggae feel to it which is added to by the inclusion of Cherine Anderson, whose heavy reggae voice lends to the impressive lyrical flow of the song.

Hall exposes his softer and vulnerable side in the song “Te Amo”, which is one of the more modern and pop sounding tracks which again shows the versatility of his voice, something that seems to separate his musical talent from other musicians.

“When you’re a musician, you meet a lot of people, but you’re always moving. You can’t really get attached to anyone. Sometimes you meet someone who has a really big effect on you,” Hall explains.

Everything, Everytime, Everywhere is an album full of optimism, rhythm and lyrical quality. His smooth vocals combined with the beats and musical composition make listening to the album perfect for anytime of the day as the title would suggest.


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