The New Boys on the scene

By Siyavuya Makubalo


Soft rock, pop and an element of rhythm and blues are some of the words the immediately come to mind when describing the tightly knit three piece band, The Script and their self ’tilted debut album.

The award-winning Irish band consisting of Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power infuses the blend of smooth soul and radio rock through leading vocalist O’Donoghue crispy clear vocals, Sheehan’s excellent execution of the guitar and Power’s impressive skills on the percussion, offering music lovers an alternative to hard rock . The success of the band lies in its ability to subtly combine different genres of music such as pop, rock, rhythm and blues catering to number of audiences yet still offering their die hard rock fans a dose of rock music.

We Cry  the first single off the band’s debut album is a lovely introduction to the quality and nature of the album. The single not only highlights the subtly blend of different genres but also the great combination of all three members different compasses allowing the brilliant display of each members skills in the band.

The second single off the album The Man Who Can’t Be Moved was a single that went on to celebrate a huge amount of success and elevated the band’s intent as serious new boy band on the market. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved unlike the We Cry was more soulful and smooth, because it was song talking about heartbreak and love. However, the single which by far celebrated more success than any other single on the album was Breakeven.

The fact that the single was  about heartbreak also contributed to the success of the single but it was the singles prominent chorus that set the path for the singles success. Breakeven though similar to the other singles like We cry and The Man That Can’t Be Moved in content, the song however was different with an element of rhythm and blues attached to it and the song also making use of O’Donoghue vocal range, allowing him to go higher than he did in the previous two singles.

However, having reviewed the Album The Script one cannot allude to the fact that Rusty Halo was a single that one could have felt that it should have not been included in the album. The songs in the album have soft element to it with the tempo of the songs in the album relatively similar throughout The song Rusty Halo hand on the other seemed to be heavy for the album which was a soft rock and pop album.

The album was a fairly decent album with good songwriter skills displayed in certain songs like Breakeven however the band should pay special attention to the fact that their songs should not sound too familiar throughout the entire album.

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