The Acapella Group -The Soil

By Andisiwe Miya

‘The Soil decomposing the keys of pianos and guitar’s’. The South African acapella group The Soil has done well for themselves as they have received a gold status for they untitled album – The Soil. One of their songs is played in a movie the  Dark Tide starring Halle Berry. The group started when they were still in high school with 25 members in 2003 or anyone who wanted to join the jam sessions every Friday after school. Other group members were not dedicated to stay in the group. As now there are only four members, one female Buhle Mda and two males Ntskia Fana and Luphindo Ngxanga and the fourth member being God.

‘The Soil decomposing the keys of pianos and guitars we are reaping what the tapping of the feet have sown as we flow out of the blows of trumpets’. Introducing themselves and what the album consists. The album consists of township style connecting people and brings melodic and harmonious healing to peoples souls. They describe their music melodic medication singing about the issues around the world and most importantly daily issues happening around townships.

The Soil has never touched an instrument in their album they use rhythmic vocals through beat box, choral and polyphonic for the whole album this technique blends in with their township style. This also connects with the way their dress, vintage and classic with antiques in the background of their pictures and the locations where they shoot their videos brings a feel of township style.

This album has an eclectic mix of musical genres of jazz, hip-hop, afro-pop and afro soul which makes a large amount of people to listen to the album because of the entire different genre and the beats that are made by beat boxing making one tap along with the song. The 12 song album has simple words but yet there are powerful to people who listen to The Soil. This album reflects the group?s dreams of the world filled with love, joy, faith and goodwill.

Every song carries out a message of deep meaning as they are inspired by anything or place they see and carry out the message through they music. Through the dedication, hard work and passion they have made it through in music festivals and performing around the world with a large audience.   


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