So Jealous of Tegan & Sara

By Rhea MacDonald

Tegan and Sara’s indie rock album So Jealous, released on October 30, 2004, features an alternative sound with melodic harmonies and catchy lyrics. The Canadian musicians sultry voices are accompanied by their own skilfully strummed guitar and bass chords and piano, as well as a five piece band who provide the percussion, synths, and other various instruments.

Tegan Rain Quinn and Sara Kiersten Quin were born and raised in the city of Calgary, Canada. The twins, aged 32 (DOB-September 19, 1980), have been writing songs and playing guitar since they were 15 years old.

At the age of 19, they signed their first record deal with Vapor Records. From there the girls’ music career took off by completing worldwide touring with Neil Young, and an appearance on the David Letterman Show.

The girls themselves are known for their action in political and social matters in Canada, and around the world. They both identify as lesbian, and have gained attention from this factor. They are very proud to speak about LGBT rights and advocate for equality among all sexual preferences. They have also spoken out and supported causes such as cancer research, music education, organisations focues on youth, and literacy.

The girls describe themselves as loving to read, do their hair, and talk to the elderly. Their favourite things include vampires, hot-dogs, and ships.

‘So Jealous’ was their 4th album to be released and was included in Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 50 Records of 2004, with their critics calling it a ‘taut little New Wave snack’.

The songs are focused on the real honest truth about romantic relationships and the turbulence involved. Not shy to sing about the lows of rejection and the pangs of obsessive infatuation, Tegan and Sara show us that there is still honesty and depth in some lyrics today, contrasting with other more flimsy pop-music lyrics.

Walking with a Ghost‘, released as a single in 2005, features hauntingly beautiful voices, and catchy lyrics that stick in your head for days on end. The track has a relaxed feel mixed with jutting guitar strokes. This is the most popular song on the album with The White Stripes producing a cover in December 2005, but the rest of the songs are second to none.

If you’re looking for something different and refreshing from the usual junk on the radio these days, this album is the perfect fit for you.


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