Rocking out Rolling Stones Style


By Julia Fish

AS the stereotypical Rhodes University Rhodent, for the last five weeks I have been out and about in town partying like a rock star. However the other day I moaned to a friend that perhaps I was the Rolling Stones of rock stars. In other words, though I may still be able to jiggle like Jagger, I was not 20-years-old any more and should think about retiring. This was until I heard the new Stones single “Doom and Gloom”.

The journey towards “Doom and Gloom” began officially 50 years ago. The band founded in 1962, are releasing Grrr to celebrate their golden jubilee as rock royalty. “Doom and Gloom” is one of two new releases on the album and is a typical Stones marching rock anthem. The foot stopping solid bea,t delivered through the cords of Ronny Wood and Keith Richards, is incredibly of reminiscent old favourite Satisfaction. Then comes the tell tale shrill of Mick Jagger. Lets face it, Jagger has never really had the voice of a Drakensberg Choirboy, and the speak/yell method continues with this track. Jagger has an uncanny ability to stretch out a single vowel to nineteen syllables which worked so beautifully in what is most probably the bands best track Jumping Jack Flash but in “Doom” the lyrics seem to have run out of strange analogies so needed to fill in some space.

The lyrics themselves are suppose to be a political statement about the world we live in today, evoking popular culture images to emphasise the rot in society. There is reference to the ever present motif of a Zombie apocalypse and a mention of a touchy subject here in South Africa, “fracking deep for oil.” Though there is a message of the world going to hell in a handbag, as usual Jagger just wants to move. The band seems to have come to the same conclusion as Jamiroquai’s 1999 Canned Heat song, the world may be falling apart but there is “nothing left for me to do but dance”. The song is a little superficial. Further you most probably already own the album in various forms of vinyl, cassette, CD and mp3 files. But… the tune is as catchy as a band aid’s STD and like most girls I will always take the chance and baby I will dance with the Rolling Stones.

The album can be bought as a half century track compilation of the music the band has produced over the years or in a whopping 80 track special edition. Books, prints and various memorabilia are also being flogged to the public to assist with any divorces or alimony payments the band members may have in the next few years. A movie, Crossfire Hurricane chronicling the last 50 years has also been pumped out and was partially released in the UK but will only hit select cinema’s mid November. The band are currently holed up in Paris, doing the occasional not so secret secret gig until the release of the album on November 12th.

After listening and bedroom dancing away to the latest single, I have to say though bruised and battered with plenty of stories and fond memories- I am no Rolling Stone. They just keep going like a Duracell bunny with a back up generator just in case. They take partying like a rock star to a whole different level and then some while I take my quarter of a century old body back to bed.


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