Counting Down to Fame

By Jeffrey Stretton-Bell

With its polished grungy styled alternative rock’s head banging rhythms, slick guitar riffs and truly epic basslines, Counting Backwards, an up-and-coming student band from Grahamstown certainly sticks out from the crowd of musos in the city of saints. Bassist, cal Thompson describes the band’s sound as being “dirty, sexy music with a raw grungy feel.” Listing groups such as Nirvana, Seether and The Black Keys as being influential in their style results in the bands unique sound. Thompson is accompanied by: Devin Isemonger (Guitar and vocals) Eric Isemonger (lead guitar) and Craig Dickie on drums and although they have not played outside of Grahamstown they can be caught in action in Grahamstown at bars such as Champs and Slipstream.

The past year has proved to be a big one for the band which saw them compete in the final round of the Live Music Society’sBattle of the Bands as well as record four recordings. Thompson says that through this the band has “learned so much more about our sound and what we want from it and who in the band needed to up their game.” She added to this saying that now that the band knows what they want from their music they plan on rerecording their songs as well as others with the money earned from Battle of the Bands which should all be completed by early next year.

With things looking on the up fans can all but wait with baited breathe for the bands first release but Thompson says that they will have to wait a little longer saying “unfortunately we will only have our stuff on the net next year.” Further information on the bands gig line-ups and updates on their recordings can be found on their facebook fan-page.

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