Manson, the Antichrist Superstar

By Zandaley Bothma

Brian Warner, famously known as Marilyn Manson portrays an image that is frightening to most; disguised as a freakishly pale man, covered in makeup, ridiculous lyrics and live performances, disturbing outfits, piercings and tattoos. This controversial persona that the lead singer of the band Marilyn Manson (along with guitarist Twiggy Ramirez and keyboard player Madonna Wayne Gacy) portrays to the masses could explain the divided opinions of many supposed music lovers, and why they don????t take the time to appreciate what Manson (Brian warner) is really good at. Despite his shock-value imagery, he is an artist and especially, a talented musician.

An album which caused the most controversy, and also their first success-album, was Antichrist Superstar. Lets take a look at this provocatively-named album, and why it was–and continues to be– a musical favourite of many. Antichrist Superstar was Manson’????s third album, released in October 8, 1996 in the US through Nothing and Interscope Records. The album was Manson’????s big break, landing at No.3 on Billboard 200 and hit-singles across various countries, with tracks like The Beautiful people, Dried up Tied up and Dead to the World, and Tourniquet to name just a few.

Because of the variation of styles across Manson’????s albums, it is hard to pin-point a specific genre for the band. The band has most commonly been described to fall within the genre of Industrial Metal. The genre is considered to be a form of hardcore metal–accompanied by loud and aggressive guitar riffs and lyrics–??”combined with a touch of electronic effects and voice distortions. These electronic elements can especially be heard in tracks like Cryptorchid, Kinderfeld, and Minute of Decay.

While previous albums, Portrait of an American Family and Smells like Children, portrayed more of Manson’s daunting and dark side, the uniqueness that is expressed in Antichrist Superstar truly exemplifies his musical abilities as an individual, as well as the band’s subliminal commentary on modern pop culture. For all those who find Manson’????s image too distasteful need to pay more attention to his unique vocal abilities. The acclaimed lead singer is known to pull of incredible vocals at live performances, proving that his talent runs deeper than most assume.

When comparing Antichrist Superstar to Manson’s latest album , Born Villian, many feel that his music has become somewhat of a letdown. In contrast of the exciting and ever-changing music styles of albums in the past, Born Villian seems overrated and predictable.

Despite the recent disappointment, previous albums, especially Antichrist Superstar ,are albums that are most certainly responsible for Marilyn Manson being a rock icon that is loved by many today. To learn more about Marilyn Manson and the bands music, follow them on Twitter @marilynmanson

View the latest single on Marilyn Manson’????s website:


Live performance of Antichrist Superstar single:


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