Jack Parow, Eksie Ou

By Carla Fuller

Jack Parow, born Zander Tyler in Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa started rapping at a very young age. He started off rapping in English, but soon came to the realisation of his talent to rap in his mother tongue, and is now one of the biggest Afrikaans rappers in South Africa. He’s latest album was released in December of 2011, Eksie Ou. The album got released through Parowphernalia, Parow’s own record label.

The album was produced by Justin de Nobrega. The album consists of a number of collaborations with other local talents, such as, Dawid Kramer; Francois van Coke from Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel; Pierre Greef from Die Heuwels Fantasties; Gazelle; Haezer; PH Fat and Sibot. The album consists of various types of songs and genre’s in one, from hip hop, to dubstep and even boeremusiek, which is a term used for Afrikaans music. So one can find a little bit of something for most types of music lovers. Jack Parow’s music is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who love him, know they will get a kick out of his album everytime they listen to it.

The album has 13 songs on it and the track listing is, Eksie Ou, which is the title of the album as well. The song has a lot of similarities to Parow’s Cooler as Ekke track. This track has no in-depth meaning, however is very entertaining and if you are a Parow fan, this is defiantly one that you will love. Hosh Tokolosh feat Gazelle is one of the tracks on this album that became rather popular very fast. Most South Africans should know what a Tokolosh is, so would find the song catchy and humorous.

Laat Ons Suip; Afrikaans is Dood is a track that displays Parow’s talent as an amazing rapper that can keep his listeners entertained. It has a dance beat but the lyrics are rather important as they comment on Afrikaans and its role in today’s South Africa. Welkom Terug feat Pierre Greef; Biscuits and Biltong feat Dawid Kramer; Katerien; Hard Partyjtie Hou feat Francois van Coke is one of Parow’s best dance tracks, and hearing this song live is 100 times better. Bons feat Haezer; Spring Moederfokker feat PH Fat; Move Like A Monster feat Sibot; and Last Laugh is a track Parow wrote about he’s own life, about being bullied at school, however, it speaks of getting over it, and dealing with it. The lyric’s “Who’s got the last laugh, moves like a giraffe. This is for the losers, f*** all the cool kids.” Parow move on from that and became that rapper he is today.



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