Getting into a Midnight Organ Fight

By Emily-Rose Vale

In 2008, indie rock and folk band, The Frightened Rabbit, released their second studio album, Midnight Organ Fight, perhaps the most popular of their four albums, and widely considered to be the album that gave them their ?lucky break?. The album, consisting of fourteen tracks, was received exceptionally well upon its initial release and is largely responsible for the massive following the band has now.

The Frightened Rabbit can most easily be described as a Scottish folk band, operating mainly in the indie rock genre. The band originates from Selkirk, Scotland, and one of the most predominant features as a band is their Scottish patriotism, a characteristic that is easily detectable in their music, particularly through the frequent and emphasized reference to Scotland and Scottish culture found in every album, but distinctly in Midnight Organ Fight. This album has become a template for modern Scottish music, providing a perfect balance between popular modern music and Scottish tradition.

Midnight Organ Fight is raw and intensely emotional, looking deeply into the dynamics of different kinds of relationships and providing heart-wrenching honesty and insight from frontman Scott Hutchison. After listening to it, one can clearly see that the album has both soul saddening and awakening hits, such as the frivolous, upbeat,  but ultimately devastating (from a lyrical sense) The Twist as well as the harsh and painfully truthful Keep  Yourself Warm.

The Frightened Rabbit has received a number of accolades for Midnight Organ Fight, owning the title of Best Album of the Year from a number of different publications, as well as Best Track of 2008 for The Modern Leper from Pitchfork Media. No other album of The Frightened Rabbit’s has received as much acclaims, or in the opinion of many, is as deserving of them.

On a more personal level, Midnight Organ Fight has remained one of my favourite albums since its release. The intense Scottish patriotism and unique approach to folk music has given the indie rock scene a new and fresh face and has opened the door for other indie and folk musicians to pioneer their own specific sound. The inescapable meaning behind the lyrics as well as the passion in the delivery has made this album one that resonates with you long after you are finished listening, perhaps one of the greatest indications of a fantastic album. From one music lover to another, I recommend this album first, every time.


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