Gabrielle Aplin

By Justine Pearce

Gabrielle Aplin may feel like “a phoenix in water,” but since she debuted with Paramore in 2009 her latest realise ?? Home ?? has over 2 321 112 Youtube views .

Gabrielle was born in October 1992 and raised in Bath in the United Kingdom along with her younger brother, with whom, like many of us, she often has debates. After school, which she finished at Sheldon School Gabrielle studied music at City of Bath College.

Gabrielle has grown from the girl who sang with Paramore into her own singer. It call came from hard work; she taught herself to play the piano at age 13 and then at 14 taught herself has to play the guitar. She recorded her first rendition of “The liar and the Lighter” by You Me at Six and in 2009 she posted such a recording on Youtube and grew a group of followers from there. Now – a mere three years since her first post and seven years since she first put her fingers on the keys ?? Gabrielle has been hoping to tour, not only in England, but also in the USA and Australia. If you doubt you will be able to attend any of her tours there is nothing to fear, for Gabrielle has 140 Youtube videos for you to watch.
Gabrielle is like so many of us reading this, also a fan. Her greatest musician is Joni Mitchell. Gabrielle also enjoys listening to Bon Iver, Kings of Leon and Katy Perry to name but a few.

Aplin uses only a guitar as accompaniment for most of her songs and writes her songs lyrics herself or does her take on well-known songs that she loves. Her music is very tue to who she is and speaks of what she feels. Aplin’s music videos are very natural and not as commercialised and unemotional as so many are today. When one watches a video one gets a sense of a real person speaking to you about her thoughts and emotions.


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