Drake “Says Whats Real”

By Travis A. Bamford


He’s far from the “up and coming” rapper that he was when he released the mixtape So Far Gone, but Aubrey Graham, better known around the world as “Drake“, has songs like Say Whats Real to be thankful for in terms of the success that he is experiencing these days. Produced by fellow hip hop giant Kanye West, Drake pours out the kind of emotion into Say Whats Real that is unlike most of the materialistic message of the mixtape So Far Gone; however the song gives his fans the opportunity to try and understand the circumstances surrounding both his outlook on life as well as his approach to music up to the point in which he had written the song.

In an interview which Drake had with Complex blog, he explained that the song Say Whats Real, as well as the rest of So Far Gone was based on the idea of where he was in his life, in  terms of his outlook. This occurred after a phone call conversation with a close friend of his in which they reportedly spoke about women in particular, in ways which they themselves considered disrespectful and vulgar. Drake’s friend then texted the rapper after their conversation, asking Drake if he believed that they had “become the men their mothers had devorced.” This question, along with Drake’s continuous efforts to establish himself as a big-time name in hip hop, brought about both Say Whats Real and So Far Gone.

The song itself is definitely worth a listen. It reveals Drake’s undeniable talent as a rapper without him goring on about material wealth and being involved with countless women, as is the trend seemingly for mainstream hip hop today. It must be said that these are still themes in the song, however they take a much needed backseat to narrative skill of a rapper who cleverly describes his situation in life at a particular time, the different emotions which he is feeling, as well as who he believes he can trust and turn towards in any moment of doubt that he has. His references in the song include his close friend Noah “40” Shebib as well as his mother, Sandi Graham, which also gives the song a sincere feeling – not too common in hip hop today.

Drake is without a doubt a talented artist who is yet to reach his full potential; and although controversial because of the different personas he undertakes as an artist, particularly between his bragging nature in rap and his much smoother RnB sound, he has managed to illustrate his emotions quite distinctly in Say Whats Real in a way that even non-hip hop fans are likely to understand.


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