Dance of the Forgotten Free


By Amogelang Shadi

Thandiswa Mazwai‘s live concert ‘dance of the forgotten free‘ is a beautiful reflection of her musical career.

Her musical career started when she was one the three members of Kwaito band Bongo Maffin in 1998. One can tell why Bongo Maffin had six award winning albums, with their refreshing performance of thath’ isgubhu that reminded the audience of why they had fallen in love with Thandiswa from the beginning.

Breaking free from the band, Thandiswa’s first solo project was her debut album ‘Zabalaza‘ released in 2004. The album reached platinum status and won plenty awards; these include a Kora award for Best African Female Artist and also won four South African Music Awards (Sama).

In the live concert, Thandiswa performs Nizalwa Ngobani a song that captures the need for the youth, and everyone else to have freedom and not forget where they came from and who they are birthed by, four songs later Thandiswa sweeps the audience away with Ndilinde featuring Tshepo Tshola, the duet left the crowd wanting more and finally she makes a breath taking closing performance singing Lahlumlenze, all songs from her debut album Zabalaza.

Her second and latest album Ibokwe released in 2009 reached gold status in the first few weeks of its release and left Thandiswa being called ‘South Africa’s finest female contemporary singer’ by the Guardian[12].

In the live concert Thandiswa performed eight out of nine songs from the album Ibokwe each and every one of them as stunning as the last and if not better than the last she had performed. The opening performance was played out by Thandiswa singing the song ‘Thongo Lam‘, leaving the audience completely enchanted and mesmerised by Thandiswa’s vibrant and electrifying voice and especially the personality she carries out on stage.

When Thandiswa Mazwai is on stage she is unapologetically Thandiswa Mazwai, and that is the most beautifully constructed African women by far. Other songs from Ibokwe that she performs include lyrical creations like Ibokwe, Abenguni, and Chom Emdaka just to name a few. The thrilling performances that Thandiswa give are a true reflection of why the live album and DVD is the winner of two Sama awards for Best Female Artist and Best DVD (2010, Gallo Records).

Another memorable performance that she gives is when she sings Ingoma an exhilarating love song that perfectly captures the feeling of being completely consumed by love, also from the album Ibokwe. One can tag Thandiswa as a lyrical queen, after listening to this song.

Other new songs from the live performance include Embo, Heathen and African Sunset that her vocal genius captured with absolute ease.


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