Hillsong’s Cornerstone

By Armand Juninho Mukenge

Many worship groups have come and gone, Hillsong Live’s persistent releases have not only been top sellers but many of their songs have made their way into the song books of so many churches within the globe.  One of the reasons why the songs written areso popular is simply because of the fact that they are truth written, Bible based songs. Cornerstone,” their 21st live recording is no different.

The 15 songs with in the album (if you get the deluxe version) are just anthems of Scriptural truths made pleasant in ways that the audience can sing along to in no time and at the same time speak to them personally. However, there a few changes made in this album. One of them being the fact that “Cornerstone:” first, Hillsong’s front lady for many years Darlene Zschech is somehow faded into the background. Well known for writing beautiful worship songs such as “Worthy is the Lamb” and “Shout to the Lord,” Zschech did not contribute to many of the songs in this album.  One of the songs which happen to be the only one sang by Darlene Zschech “I Desire Jesus,” a track written by Brooke Fraser’s husband Scott Ligertwood, is easily the cream of the crop. 

As it starts off softly connoting Angelic voices, then builds up to the whole stadium- Rising to its highest level of worship. Brooke Ligertwood (better known as Brooke Fraser) is back – not as a vocalist but this time as a songwriter.  Her breath taking track here is “Beneath the Waters (I Rise).” Putting together the subject of baptism and the resurrection of Christ. Not to be missed is the title song “Cornerstone.”  Just like their previous album the song “Incense/Step by Step” was a combination of an old chorus with a new composition, “Cornerstone” seamlessly crafts together the hymn “The Solid Rock” with a newly composed song.

Nevertheless, with 15 tracks and having too many lead singers (especially too many male leads) the momentum is lost when we come to the last third of the album.  Ben Fieldings’ “Stand in Awe” has so much echo of “God is Able”  their previous Album, that it becomes repetitive and Joel Houston’s “Running” lacks the flavour to make it a standout, even thou it has the potential to be one of the best songs within the album. Let’s hope that Darlene comes back strongly next time; however this album is fairly good.


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