A Name to Remember


New kids on the block, The Muffinz, a band of five young talented musicians: Simphiwe ‘Simz’ Kulla- lead electric guitarist and vocalist, Mthabisi ‘Mthae’ Sibanda- acoustic guitar and vocalist, Gregory ‘Keke’ Mabusela- drums and vocals, Karabao ‘Skabs’ Moeketsi- bass and vocals and Sfiso ‘Atomza’ Buthelezi- lead electric and vocals. Although these musicians are all from different backgrounds, the group met and formed in Johannesburg, in 2010. Three of the band mates; Mthae, Simz and Atomza were part of the UJ (University of Johannesburg) choir. Initially, the three of them formed a band and by April, 2011 had already been joined by Skabz and Keke.

The band was scouted by independent label, Just Music and gave them an unrehearsed performance in a small practice room at the University of Johannesburg. They were instantly offered a recording deal by the recording label. The Muffinz recorded their debut album- Have You Heard? – at Jazzworx Studios.

”Have You Heard?” is a soothing blend of indie, afro jazz, soul and R&B. The entire album is a set of genius. Three songs that definitely continue to play in the listener’s head hours after listening to the album are ‘Ghetto’, ‘Come With Me’ and ‘Umsebenzi Wendoda’ (An Ode To Single Mothers)

‘Ghetto’- For those who grew up in the townships of South Africa, this song is a reminder of their background, their humble beginnings. Those who have no idea what it is like get a glimpse into the life and conditions in the “ghetto.” The lead vocalist kicks off by a brief introduction, “so this is a story about this place where we come from/ In South Africa we call it ikasi/ the rest of the world calls it the ghetto/ some places call it the hood/ In Brazil they call it the favela…” He goes on and says
“Said I’m from a place, where being desolate is the same as being rich
Cause Government resources are far from our reach
Corruption is plentiful and fat cats roam the streets
While at home we suffer with these rats at our feet… ”

‘Come With Me’- A profound soulful track that brings comfort to a gloomy discouraged listener. In the song, the singer urges, “come with me over the rainbow I’m leaving my sorrows behind…”
‘Umsebenzi Wendoda’ (An Ode To Single Mothers)- This track gives praise and appreciation to all the single mothers out there who run households and raise children unaided. The song highlights the work of these women:
“Wayehamba ehamba eyosebenza
Ezobonelela yena nomthwalo wakhe
Umama mhl’ evuka, evuka eyosebenza
Ezokwazi ukondla yena nengane zabo…”
The basic translation for this is, mothers wake up every day to fend for themselves and their families, a burdensome responsibility.

The Muffinz is definitely a promising group, with the prominence they have already gained mainly in the Gauteng region, they are bound for success. They have definitely introduced a unique sound to the South African music scene.

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