A look into Xylo Myloto

By Silindile Makhanya

The last genre I ever thought I would be interested into listening to is rock. I am known to my friends and I as a hip hop fanatic. My first encounter with the Rock genre was with a British Rock Band named Coldplay. The encounter was so recent that the album I was mainly exposed to, Mylo Xyloto, was released on the 24th of October 2011 but I only came to know of it during the month of September. The album came across as a pop album with techno and electronic aspects.

This album sparked interest in me that I began to do more research about the band Coldplay and Mylo Xyloto. The band consists of four members: Chris Martin, the lead singer; Will Champion, Drummer; Jonny Buckland, Guitarist and Guy Berryman the Bassist. The album, Mylo Xyloto, came after Viva La Vida which was 2008’s biggest selling album, thus one can clearly note that Mylo Xyloto had pressure not to disappoint.

The album is said to have an unusual embrace of chart pop. Chris Martin goes further to say Mylo Xyloto was inspired by the 1970s New York graffiti and the Nazi-resistance movement named the White Rose. The album expresses young people embracing art during the time of turmoil. The album is also said to sound a lot like standard-issue Coldplay production. It contains echoing guitars and vocals which signify high drama by slipping into falsetto, which Martin would be held accountable for.  However, the album also leads to a different direction. The album also gives a crossover into the pop realm which is most likely to attract a more mainstream audience. The original intense style that Coldplay possesses is also another aspect that remains.

When asked about the meaning of the title of the album, lead singer: Chris Martin insists on the title not having a meaning whatsoever. ‘It sort of has a nice appearance to it ?? with all the o’s’, Martin states on his interview with Metro. He also states that regardless of the album title being ‘meaningless’, they (the band) had been considering it for as long as 2 years. The Chicago Tribune gives the album 2 stars out of 4. The tracks that have caught much attention include: Paradise, Us Against the World, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall and Princess of China where Rihanna is featured.

After I consulted a multiple reviews, it is common that this album is not the best that Coldplay has ever produced. Many are disappointed and the ratings are not out of the ordinary.


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