Your day has come, Jamie

By Sheila David

‘if there’s music in the night, and it’s really, really right, it’s the only thing I need’

Catching Tales, one of Jamie Cullum‘s works is made with a mixture of a classic voice and a hint of a scratchy soul. Cullum is a pop jazz British songwriter. He released his first album, Heard It All Before, in 1999 and his latest, The Pursuit, recently released in 2009. Catching Tales has fifteen tracks and amongst them, the singles Mind Trick, Photograph and Get Your Way.

In Catching Tales all the tracks are different. Each track sends out its own message and makes you feel different without making the emotions clash. The entire album is an easy listen. It’s more than a song with the music compilation and melodies mixed with Cullum’s piano skills and the lyrics. These factors combined make the songs come to live. Whether only focused on the melody or lyrics, there is no fail in the enjoyment when listening to Cullum.

Mind Trick, a personal favourite, is about getting over a break up. The song, even though it speaks of a sad event, has a catchy beat and rhythm to it. The three strong chords in the chorus add to the beat of the song and are accompanied by variety of instruments. The song takes the idea of a break up lightly and as an occurrence that can be solved with good music. Hence the lyrics ‘If there’s music in the night, and it’s really, really right, its the only thing I need’. This song fills me with feelings of happiness and relaxation and at the same time gives me energy and makes me move my feet and shoulders.

In Photograph there is a different message as the song is about remembering the past through the use of photographs. This song sounds very personal and watching the video gives you the feeling of looking at someone else’s diary. For this reason, one starts to remember events from their past and how the events make them feel in the present. This is not a favourite of the album, yet it is a song I will not skip once it starts playing. The domination of the piano is amazing and forces the focus on the lyrics and vocals. One is then forced to step into Cullum’s shoes and experience with him the moment and moments he lived in the past.

The third single of the album, Get Your Way, is about a date, maybe the second date. By listening closely to the lyrics it can be imagined that the woman dominated the first time and this time the male is trying to win the date. This is heard as Cullum sings, ‘So what game shall we play today? How about the one where you do not get your way?’

It’s the entire album that gives the listener an adventure through the different songs. It’s all about love, yet not the way you expect it to be. 




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