We need you, Ed Sheeran

By Heather Cameron

The Ron Weasley of the music scene generates a collective swoon from females (and undoubtedly some males) across the globe with his debut album “+”.

Ed Sheeran, the BRIT award winning, 20 year old British singer songwriter from has been writing and performing at gigs nonstop since his early teens. His album “+” was released on 12 September 2011 and has enjoyed massive success since then. It debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart and has been certified quadruple platinum.

Most of the album is produced by Jake Gosling who has remixed songs for artists Keane and Lady Gaga. Hip Hop producer No  I.D., who has worked with Usher and Alicia Keys in the past, also contributed. Sheeran has written and co-written all 12 tracks on the album.

Sheeran’s sound blurs the lines between music genres. The flame- haired artist brings together a mix of acoustic rock, folk, RnB and hip hop. It doesn’t sound as if it should work but it does.

The cheeky track “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” is proof. His guitar strumming, beat boxing and smooth, fast talking rap-like vocals come together to form a catchy, in your face song. Singing along is done at your own risk unless you have rapping skills akin to Jay-Z or Eminem.

Aritists that inspire Sheeran are Just Jack and Damien Rice. Most of Sheeran’s songs draw inspiration from a tough breakup.  His songs of love, regret and using alcohol to dull the pain tug on the heartstrings. He could give Adele a run for her money in the heartbreak department. “Drunk” sees him reminiscing about a past relationship and getting drunk “to feel a little love.” The video involving a talking cat, is another reason to love Sheeran.

It’s not all booze and heartbreak. Other songs deal with serious issues such as the hit “The A Team”, which he performed for the Queen at her diamond Jubilee celebrations, that’s about a heroin-addicted prostitute. Other stand out tracks include “Lego House” “Small Bump” and “U.N.I”.  

The album received mixed reviews from critics; some loved it while others were left slightly disappointed but not denying his talent. This reviewer has definitely been converted to a Sheeran groupie.

If you enjoy folksy, acoustic love songs ?? which come with a splash of beat boxing and fast-talking- this album is a winner.

With a successful debut, endorsement from Jamie Foxx and Elton John, and the recent news of him joining Taylor Swift on her RED Tour, Ed Sheeran should be a definite addition to your album collection.


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