The Voice in the Soil

By Boitumelo Moima

Composers are exposed to a whole spectrum of genres, beats and sounds but it takes a composer with a different kind of passion to produce a kind of hit that plays in ones’ mind long after they have listened to it, a kind of song that penetrates right through an individual’s soul and has the capability of turning a gloomy day around.

The soil is an acapella group that needs no introduction. Albeit physically speaking the groups comprises of 3 members, they consider themselves to be a solid group of 4. The 4th member cannot be physically pointed but is rather the spirit of God that plays a pertinent role not only in their growth as a group but also in the success of their recently released album which was self-titled ‘the soil’.

Buhlebendalo Mda , Luphindo Ngxanga and Ntsika Fana Nganxa are the master minds behind the melodic and harmonious sound produced by the group. The group’s music is a rather intelligent collaboration of musical genres such as  jazz, hip hop and afro pop which all together make their signature sound  distinctly ‘kasi soul’. Although they make use of musical instruments, their natural voices dominate the production of their music.

Along with each of the 13 songs released they hope to reflect the joy, hope and love which they would love to see revolve worldwide. In as much as many of their songs are about leaving in a peaceful world where everybody is almost perfect in their existence, they are not oblivious to the fact that such a world is accompanied by imperfection too. The soil also sings about making mistakes, being aware of the impact that one’s mistakes can have on another and having enough fertile soil to say I am sorry as the song titled ‘the girl I love is gone’ clearly explains.
When their 7 years passion was met by dedication all roads led to grade events such as the standard bank joy of jazz, Grahams town art festival, jazz by the river, nelson Mandela theatre and as well as the catalyst theatre in cape town. As a result of a needless to mention commitment to their album they will be gracing the Kirstenbosch gardens in the Western Cape as early as the 2nd of November this year.

The group’s music bears great testimony to that, in their very own theory ‘God created man using soil and years later he gave voice to the soil’. With one’s ear to the ground there is no way one can miss the sound in the soil.

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