The Epitome of Elle Varner

By Mahlohonolo Lakaje

Gabrielle Serene Varner is one of those very few forces to be reckoned with. Blasting onto the scene with her raw, uniquely toned voice, you can honestly say to yourself she really is not like the rest.

The Los Angeles Born, California raised through and through starlet has managed to capture the hearts of a worldwide audience who have received her with much delight. She has succeeded in creating a name for herself through what could be described as a mixture of R&B, soul and pop sound that is accentuated in all her songs giving them a playful, happy vibe with an element of fun and whimsicalness.

Her debut album ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ is a project put together by herself, her label MBK/J. RCA Records and with the help of Sony Music. Being gifted with the talents of not only being a singer, songwriter but also a multi-instrumentalist passionate about the guitar, piano, flute, drums as well as the bass helped to build and form the work of art that is emphasised throughout Perfectly Imperfect making it great with its use of strong musical detail.

Growing up exposed to music has influenced Varner?s great sound with her voice accentuating every word of her lyrics that express immense emotion at times. Her Debut single ‘Only Wanna Give It To You’ is a fun collaboration with Hip-Hop Heavyweight J.Cole managed to hit number #20 on the popular US Billboard R&B/HIP-HOP Songs Chart. It describes and speaks about a girl madly in love with a man and only wants to give her love to him and no one else. With very descriptive lyrics on the track you cant help but feel them too. Other favourites on the project include the ever so popular Refill, I Don?t Care and Sound Proof Room that have gotten people jamming hard worldwide.

Since Varner has had lifetime exposure to music this has helped her to incorporate and experiment with many different elements of sound all in one project which with its risky take managed to actually work and mesh smoothly with the element of her raw, creative and playful lyrics and variety of instrumentals. This one as much as it may sound crazy gets 4/5 stars from me mainly because of the fact that as cliché as it may sound, it clearly is something different and comes with its own element of surprise.

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