The Dark Horse Rises

By Jessica van Tonder


Grahamstown welcomed Tailor to town with an intimate show, as they were part of Zebra & Giraffes Wisest Ones tour. Even though they opened for such a well known band, they showed that they are a sound to look out for and one that was easily relatable to the crowd.

Tailors album Dark Horse is remarkably dark, yet one of the most dramatic components of the album is the fact that it was written within a day. The steaming talent is delivered directly from Cape Town, presents their fans with a dark aspect to pop that leaves you haunted by the honest lyrics and dark undertone.

When Tailors tour took a trip through Grahamstown I had the privilege of interviewing Melanie Le Roux, lead singer, to find out her thoughts about the album, writing and the transition in her music.

As Tailor, it was my first time solo in a proper studio with a producer, the singer commented, I took what I thought to be my best twelve songs, written over a few years. Just as we finished laying down the last one, I began playing about on my guitar and singing lyrics that seemed to be sailing into my head. I didn’t even realize I had written a song until the producer asked me to play it again because he hadn’t hit record.

The most popular song on the Dark Horse album as it creates a fantasy orientated landscape. The song that has the most bewitching thought and sound process is definitely “Wolf”. But it was not a once off. One by one, new tracks just flowed out of me, says Tailor. No one could believe I hadn’t prepared them. It was bizarre, spiritual experience. I felt as though I had floated out of my body and was watching someone else. I learnt a lot about myself that day. I discovered a side to me that I didn?t know was there.

The lyrics of many of the songs on the album are brutally honest as they address feelings from that of confusion in an abusive relationship, to that of not knowing if your relationship is over or if you are purely in a rut. All the songs on the Dark Horse album are brought to life with limited instruments as the predominant sound is that of the piano, guitar and Melanie’s vocals, with the occasional beat of a drum.



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